Donate during lock down to feed children and families of slum areas.

Birthday and other Special Day Celebration Events at Human Being Foundation

Volunteers and members of Human Being Foundation celebrates their birthday and other special days with children of Human Being Foundation to make a smile on the faces of those children who are unable to celebrate.

Mrs. Seema Singh's (President, Human Being Foundation) Birthday Celebration...

Mrs. Seema Singh

Mr. Dev Karhana (Treasurer, Human Being Foundation) Celebrating Salman Khan's Birthday

Dev Karhana

Mr. & Mrs. Narendra Khemka's Anniversary Celebration at Harchandpur Branch

Date: Feb, 13

Mr. and Mrs. Narendra Khemka
Mr. and Mrs. Narendra Khemka
Mr. and Mrs. Narendra Khemka

Mr. Pankaj Yadav's Birthday Celebration at Naya Gaon Branch

Date: Feb, 4

Pankaj yadav
Pankaj yadav

Miss Muskan Mangla's Birthday Celebration

Date: Feb, 6

Muskan Mangla
Human Being Foundation wishes every volunteer and member, and appreciate your help to make smile on these children's face.   
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