Donate during lock down to feed children and families of slum areas.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

Human Being Foundation

You can change lives with your own hands.

  • Human Being Foundation believes that unless members of the civil society are involved proactively in the process of development, sustainable change will not happen.
  • We encourage and invite volunteers to be an active part of our organization and share the same vision and purpose as us – to work for the welfare of children and their families.
  • Volunteers are the backbone of every organization – they not only carry the organization’s ideals within them, but also spread the message far and beyond, sensitizing the society towards the cause.
Human Being Foundation

We see every slum families, youth and child in India have a chance at education and prosperity.

  • We provide volunteering opportunities, helping talented candidates across the world apply their skills in a challenging work environment.

  • Transform outcomes for children in need of care and protection by volunteering.

Your Role:

  • We at Human Being Foundation, provide you with the opportunity to participate in the on-site/off-site volunteering activity.

  • As a volunteer, you are an integral part of our workforce, bringing expertise and experience to our work with education NGOs and social enterprises.

  • You apply to become a volunteer with your details and areas of interest.

  • Based on your skill set, interests and the needs of partner organisations, we identify exciting projects for you to work on.

  • You can also volunteer, even if it’s just for an hour, whether from home or on the field.

"{Ideally, a candidate would apply to be a volunteer about 2-3 months before they would like to start their placement.}

What You'll Get:

  • You will explore a world outside your own.

  • You will  meet inspiring people from across the world.

  • Join us if you want to test your abilities and discover what you are really capable of.

Join As

To Start Your Journey as Volunteer with Human Being Foundation, There are three kinds of Role you can choose from.

Academic Support

Love teaching? Enable better academic outcomes by curating an unforgettable classroom experience for slum children at Human Being Foundation.

Fund Raising

Help Human Being Foundation in fund raising and usability with your skills for slum children and families.

Other On Site Support

Examine your different skills in Human Being Foundation for betterment of children to increase there skills, and more.

"Human Being Foundation would not be where we are now without the incalculable support that we’ve received from our volunteers. They contribute their time and skills to the unforgettable experience of teaching and igniting young minds. The contribution of our volunteers is greatly appreciated and tailored around their skills and availability."

"Human Being Foundation is Highly Thankful to Every Volunteer Who Works For Betterment of Children, Families and Society"

You can change lives with your own hands