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"Human being foundation is not just an organization, it's a dream which is completing the dream of tiny toddlers of bright India. These sparkling eyes can create big, we are showing the path to create an astonishing future. As an educator, I had an earnest desire to build upon an organization where an education blended in all colors on human values could be given with no barrier of socio-economic status and today I feel proud to say that my lofty dream of quality work is taking shape through it.
Over the past years, I have learned that to transform the world, education is the key and I firmly believe through this we can help poor children and youth to have a good life in their future.
Human being foundation has prepared young people to take responsibility to become peer educators for their society. They have gained the knowledge and skills to affirm human values in their lives, families, and communities.
We are very grateful for the support that we get from many individual people that make our work possible.
I still believe in you, I know your energy, so if you wish to be part of our team, contact us."

Sakshi Singh

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Human Being Foundation is a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) By Govt. of Rajasthan (India).
Reg. No. COOP/ALWAR/2018/100405.
Human Being Foundation directly helping more than two hundreds of children and families from slum areas by health, education, food, and more at there 4 branches. Read More...

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2/324 UIT, Bhiwadi,  Alwar, Rajasthan, India

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