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Human Being Foundation

Ms. Sakshi Singh (Founder & Secretary) of HUMAN BEING FOUNDATION Saying...

Founder HBFoundation

My journey of Human Being Foundation

I started my journey when I was 17 years old while my college days.

I am graduated from Delhi university.

I used to visit different NGO’s in Delhi and felt like I should also help needy people in any way. I never thought that I'll be here, loved by these many people. I just wanted that even if a single person will become something or won’t give up because of me, that would be the happiest day of my life. After my graduation, I came back to the place where I belong to i.e; Bhiwadi.

I started visiting different slum areas. Then somehow thought help children in education so that they can become something in there lives and help the coming generation of their families. I started teaching and providing basic amenities to 20 children in the slum area of uit Bhiwadi. One day one of my children asked me, “ mam hum konse school mei h, humare school ka koi Naam kyu nahi h” and that day I actually thought that she was right. By then I applied for the registration of my NGO named Human Being Foundation and got it registered by the government of Rajasthan. Today I am teaching 200 children and providing basic necessities to them and their families. One year back I thought that I should seek people who need my help and today I really want to become that sponge who would absorb all the negativity from my children and they never give up on life and their goals. We do everything for ourselves, that’s not life. Do something for needy people. Even if a single person is living his life because of you, that’s what I call life. And I am literally living the first stage of my dream. I hope this effort of mine will be an achievement one day. Today I am 21 years old and I really just want to do this work until my dream is successful. I just want to see each one of my children to be happy and become successful in their lives.

Sakshi Singh

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